Responding to the News Resources


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The Globe and Mail- Offers an intelligent Canadian perspective on news events.


The Atlantic Monthly- A comprehensive, American current affairs magazine.


The Economist- An authoritative, British weekly newspaper focusing on international politics and business news and opinion.


The New York Times- One of America's largest and most influential daily newspapers.


The Washington Post- Another of American's large and highly influential newspapers.


The Detroit Free Press- Local, indepth news coverage focussing on our neighbour to the north


CNN- One of America's 24 hour television news channels.


Fox News- Their slogan is"Fair and Balanced Reporting"


National Public Radio- Public broadcasting's largest radio news station.


Jon Stewart's Daily Show- A pioneer in satiracial newscasting.


Leonard Pitts Jr.- A prominent columnist for the Miami Herald 




Topic: Obama's Health Care Speech

NY Times "President Obama Steps Forward" President Obama Steps Forward.doc

Fox News "Obama Just Doesn't Get It" Obama Just Doesn't Get It.doc 


Topic: Harper and Obama

Harper and Obama Talk Afghanistan Harper and Obama talk Afghanistan.doc


Topic: Buy America- US/Canada Trade

Keep Buy America in 'perspective': Obama Keep Buy American in Perspective.doc


Topic: Race and American Politics

Playing the Race Card Makes for Ugly Politics Playing the race card makes for ugly politics.doc


Topic: U.S./China Trade Dispute

U.S. tire levy unleashes a maelstrom in China U.S. Tire Levy.docx


Topic: Obama's Health Care Agenda

Obama grounded Obama grounded.doc

Health Care- Magnet for Anger Health Care- Magent for Anger.doc


Topic: US and Somalia

In Somalia, U.S. weapons end up in al-Qaeda hands US Wpns in Somalia.doc